Select Medical Cases


Audio Evolution Diagnostics, Inc. v. AMD Global Telemedicine

  • Telemedicine system technology
  • Damages expert; calculated reasonable royalty damages for Rule 26 report.
  • Patent infringement

Revolutions Medical Corp. v. Andrew Goddard, et al.

  •  Safety syringe technology
  • Damages expert; Rule 26 report with lost profits analysis.
  • Wrongful transfer of patent

Clinical Innovations, LLC. v. Tyco Healthcare Group, LP, et al.

  • Medical device
  • Economic expert;  quantified lost profit and reasonable royalty damages for Rule 26.
  • Patent infringement

Dr. Z. Paul Lorenc v. Coapt Systems

  •  Surgical device technology
  • Economic expert; provided multi-factor economic analysis in quantifying a reasonable royalty rate and economic damages.
  • Patent infringement

Andrx Pharmaceutical, LLC v. GlaxoSmithKline, PLC,   et al.

  •  Extended-release pharmaceutical product
  • Economic expert; calculated damages resulting from patent infringement for Rule 26 report.
  • Patent infringement

Gary M. Kawesch, MD, Inc. v.  Antoine L. Garabet, MD.

  •  Laser eye surgery industry
  • Economic expert; provided economic analysis to quantify lost profit damages and unjust enrichment.
  • Trademark infringement