Representative Consumer Product Cases


Kowalski, Hawaii International, Inc. v. Ocean Duke Corp.

  •  Food processing technology
  • Testifying IP damages expert; provided economic analysis and testimony on lost profit damages (Panduit factors) and reasonable royalty damages (Georgia-Pacific factors). Provided a Rule 26 expert report and testimony at deposition and in US Federal Court.
  • Patent infringement

Litecubes, LLC, et al. v.  Northern Lights

  •  Consumer novelty product
  • Economic expert; calculated damages including lost profit and reasonable royalty.
  • Patent infringement

Leneda, Inc. v. Neptune Society of America, Inc.

  •  Funeral/cremation industry
  • Economic expert; provided valuation of lost profit, unjust enrichment, and corrective advertising
  • Trademark infringement

Student Lifeline, Inc. v. The Senate of the State of New York, et al.

  •  Publishing industry
  • Economic expert; calculated damages
  • Copyright infringement

H&R Block Eastern Enterprises, Inc., et al. v. Intuit, Inc.

  • Tax preparation services
  • Economic damages expert; provided damages analysis
  • False advertising; unfair competition and trademark infringement

Financial Freedom International, Inc. v. International Credit Repair Service, Inc., et al.

  • Educational publishing 
  • Quantified damages and economic analysis
  • Copyright infringement