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Dr. Francom

Dr. David Francom provides attorneys, businesses and inventors with expert intellectual property consulting. He has over two decades of economic consulting. Dr. Francom has testified on unjust enrichment, asset valuation, reasonable royalty and lost profit damages.
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IP Information

Induced & Contributory Infringement: “Federal Circuit Decisions of Interest” show an increased number of induced/contributory infringement in recent years.

Nobel Laureate in Chemistry – Frances Arnold: “your inventions, your creativity, your science, is not useful until someone uses it. How do you get people to use it? Well, it takes a lot of time money and other resources on many people’s parts… that investment that it takes won’t come unless the reward can be visualized down the road.”

Thank you for your excellent, excellent report. – Attorney, New Jersey-

I understand that determining the value of a patent in litigation is a very complicated exercise… It would have been very difficult, if not impossible, to settle the case without your input and I am very grateful to you. -Inventor, Oklahoma-